Selenotest ELISA

A colorimetric enzyme-linked immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of human selenoprotein P in serum

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The Selenotest ELISA is a CE marked chromogenic enzyme-linked sandwich immunoassay in 96 well plate format for the quantitative measurement of human selenoprotein P (SELENOP, SEPP1, P49908) in serum samples [1],[2]. The assay uses 2 different selenoprotein P specific monoclonal antibodies for the antigen capture and detection steps. The antibodies were generated by immunizing against purified recombinant human selenoprotein P. Specificity for human selenoprotein P in serum and plasma was confirmed by antibody-affinity chromatography and western blot technique in combination with N-terminal protein sequencing. The Selenotest ELISA kit standards and controls were calibrated against NIST SRM 1950 Standard Reference Material [3],[4]. The Selenotest ELISA was developed in compliance with FDA-, ICH- and expert group recommendations to meet the quality demands of clinical biomarker studies and was validated in a multi laboratory study using blood serum from Caucasian donors. In addition, more than 20,000 healthy and pathological human serum samples were analysed using the Selenotest ELISA to confirm the validity and reliability of the test.

CE Conformity Marking

The Selenotest ELISA kit fulfils the obligations imposed by annex III sections 2 to 5 of the directive 98/79/EC. The CE conformity marking was applied in accordance to article 16 and annex X of the directive 98/79/EC. The manufacturer EC declaration of conformity is available in the download section.

Scientific Publications referring to Selenotest ELISA

[pdf, 280KB]  A collection of scientific literature reporting original research works that used the Selenotest ELISA for measurement of human selenoprotein P.

Product Specifications

Product name Selenotest ELISA
Product code STE
Intended use For the in-vitro measurement of human selenoprotein P concentrations in serum samples. For research use.
Assay format 96 well microplate
Detection method Colorimetric (450 nm)
Sample volume* 5 – 10 µL
Sample type Serum
Assay time 5 – 6 hours
Assay sensitivity* Approx. 10 µg/L (about 400-fold below the serum level of healthy individuals)
Detection range* Approx. 5 – 800 µg/L
Quantification range* Approx. 10 – 400 µg/L (corresponds to 0.4 – 12 mg/L in undiluted sample)
Kit storage Refrigerated (2 – 8°C)
Shelf life 6 months
Kit dimensions (L×W×H) 200 × 150 × 95 mm
Kit weight 400 g
Price On request

*Sample volume, assay sensitivity, detection range and quantification range are lot specific data.

Each Selenotest ELISA kit contains

  • Pre-coated, pre-blocked 96 well microplate (1 plate, ready-to-use)
  • Serum Calibrators, lyophilized (8 tubes, 0.5 mL each)
  • Serum Controls, lyophilized (3 tubes, 0.5 mL each)
  • Assay Blank, lyophilized (1 tube, 0.5 mL)
  • Reconstitution Buffer (1 bottle, 8 mL)
  • Sample Dilution Buffer (1 bottle, 22 mL)
  • Concentrated Biotin-labelled Detection Antibody, liquid (1 tube, 0.15 mL)
  • Concentrated Streptavidin-Peroxidase Complex, liquid (1 tube, 0.15 mL)
  • Antibody Dilution Buffer (1 bottle, 12 mL)
  • Conjugate Dilution Buffer (1 bottle, 12 mL)
  • Washing Buffer, 10× concentrate (1 bottle, 50 mL)
  • POD Substrate Solution (1 bottle, 12 mL)
  • Stop Solution (1 bottle, 12 mL)
  • Plate Cover Foil (2 pieces)
  • Instructions For Use
  • Product Specification Sheet
  • Quality Control Certificate

Additional material required but not supplied with the kit

  • Calibrated, adjustable precision single- and multichannel pipettes with disposable plastic tips
  • Polypropylene 96 well microplate or tubes for diluting samples
  • Vortex mixer
  • Centrifuge for microtubes
  • Automated microplate washer (option)
  • Microplate shaker
  • Microplate reader capable measuring absorbance at 450 nm
  • Absorbent paper towels
  • Laboratory water (type 1 or 2)
  • Data analysis and graphing software


[1] Hybsier S, Schulz T, Wu Z, Demuth I, Minich WB, Renko K, Rijntjes E, Köhrle J,
Strasburger CJ, Steinhagen-Thiessen E, Schomburg L. Sex-specific and inter-individual differences in biomarkers of selenium status identified by a calibrated ELISA for selenoprotein P. Redox Biol. 2016 Dec;11:403-14.

[2] Hybsier S, Wu Z, Schulz T, Strasburger CJ, Köhrle J, Minich WB, Schomburg L. Establishment and characterization of a new ELISA for selenoprotein P. Perspectives in Science. 2015 Feb;3(1-4):23-4.

[3] Ballihaut G, Kilpatrick LE, Kilpatrick EL, Davis WC. Multiple forms of selenoprotein P in a candidate human plasma standard reference material. Metallomics. 2012 Jun;4(6):533-8.

[4] Ballihaut G, Kilpatrick LE, Davis WC. Detection, identification, and quantification of selenoproteins in a candidate human plasma standard reference material. Anal Chem. 2011 Nov;83(22):8667-74.


Poster Presentations

The Selenotest ELISA was first presented at the GMS Jahrestagung 2013 (Gesellschaft für Mineralstoffe und Spurenelemente) and at the 10th International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine 2013 in Berlin, Germany:

[pdf, 199KB]  Hybsier S, Wu Z, Schulz T, Strasburger CJ, Köhrle J, Minich WB, Schomburg L. Establishment and characterization of a new ELISA for selenoprotein P. Poster Presentation at 10thInternational Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine 2013, Berlin.

Instructions For Use

[pdf] Arbeitsanleitung (Kit-Version 4, rev.20170303)[pdf] Instructions for use (kit version 4, rev.20170303)

Product Specification Sheets

[pdf] MSP013001 [pdf] MSP013002 [pdf] MSP014001[pdf] MSP015001 [pdf] STE.16001(DE) [pdf] STE.16001(EN)

Quality Certificates

[pdf] MSP013001 [pdf] MSP013002 [pdf] MSP014001[pdf] MSP015001 [pdf] STE.16001(DE) [pdf] STE.16001(EN)

Material safety data sheets

[pdf] Stop-Lösung (DE, Version 1) [pdf] Stop Solution (EN, version 4)

EC Declarations of Conformity

[pdf] EG-Konformitätserklärung [pdf] EC declaration of conformity

SELENOTEST is an unregistered trademark of InVivo BioTech Services GmbH, Hennigsdorf, Germany.