Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Platform

Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Platform Poster 2014The determination of dysfunctional states in the defense systems against thrombosis is the aim of thrombophilia diagnostics. The Protein C pathway is the system with the main impact on prevention of thrombotic events and a large variety of conventional assays is available to evaluate its functionality. Nevertheless, it is of major importance to have diagnostic tools at hand which allow reliable determination of failures emerging either from single or multiple components of this pathway. For this, we have developed and evaluated a Thrombophilia screening platform named TSA that (1) is based on the physiological – Thrombomodulin (ICI gmbh) mediated – activation of the Protein C System and (2) utilizes a single test method for a compact analysis of the entire system – from global screening up to differentiation for specific defects (APC res; protein C; high Factor VIII) and quantification of protein C activity. Our results support the implementation of  TSA platform as a new diagnostic tool in the field of Thrombophilia. The data were presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Research (GTH) in Vienna in February 2014.

[pdf, 738KB] Schubart K, Siegemund A, Schulz T, Karasch S. Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Platform: With a Single Test Method from Global Screening up to Differentiation and Quantification of Unique Defects. Poster Presentation at at the 58th Annual Meeting of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Research (GTH) 2014, Vienna