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Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Assay Platform Summary

by Karin Schubart, PhD, ICI immunochemical intelligence GmbH

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The Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Assay Platform (TSA) represents the results of recent efforts of ICI’s R&D activities in the field of coagulation and haemostasis. Continue reading

Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Platform

Physiological Thrombophilia Screening Platform Poster 2014The determination of dysfunctional states in the defense systems against thrombosis is the aim of thrombophilia diagnostics. The Protein C pathway is the system with the main impact on prevention of thrombotic events and a large variety of conventional assays is available to evaluate its functionality. Nevertheless, it is of major importance to have diagnostic tools at hand which allow reliable determination of failures emerging either from single or multiple components of this pathway. For this, we have developed Continue reading